Interesting Facts about Kedarnath

Interesting Facts about Kedarnath

Kedarnath has received fresh snowfall last week and wins over the internet and hearts of devotees with its alluring and mesmerizing photos. Being part of the Chota Char Dham, Kedarnath is a very prominent place amongst the Hindu community. This temple is located at the height of 3583 m on the banks of the Mandakini river. There is no direct road connected to this temple and devotees have to trek for around 14 kilometers to the temple. Yet there is nothing that can stop the Shiva bhakts from coming to the holiest temple in India- Kedarnath. We have listed down some really amazing and astounding facts about Kedarnath which will coax even more to visit this Dev Bhoomi.
Indestructible Temple

In 2013, the entire world witnessed how Kedarnath faced one of the most destructible calamities. The cloud burst just above this divine valley claimed many destructions and causalities. But it was the power of Shiva residing and protecting that the temple is to date standing tall for Shiva’s devotees. It is believed that the Bhaironathji Temple which is just a few kilometers away is the real protector of this incredible temple. As a religious ritual every year when the temple opens and closes for devotees, Bhaironathji is visited for guarding the belief of millions.
Creation of Kedarnath
There are many legends regarding the creation of this incredible time of the creator himself. Kedarnath Temple is believed to be built during the Mahabharata age. After winning the rigorous war, the Pandavas came to seek blessings and forgiveness from Shiva for killing their cousins. To test the Pandavas, Shiva disguised himself as a humped buffalo and went hiding in Kashi which then known as Guptkashi. But eventually, Pandavas found lord Shiva and which led to the leading stone of this amazing temple in India. Other legend says Goddess Paravati worshipped Kedareshwar to unite with Shiva as the Ardhnareshwar.
The story behind Its Name
The Kedarnath name given to this prestigious temple is derived from Kodarum. It is believed that once the demons were overpowering the gods and become a threat to the entire world. That time all the gods decided to ask Lord Shiva to protect them and save the world. Lord Shiva appeared as a humped bull and said “Kodarum” which means ‘whom to rip and whom to tear apart’. Shiva destroyed the demons with his horns and hooves and threw them off in the Mandakini River. From that day this place was named after ‘Kodarum’ and later become a prominent temple for Hindus in India.
Age of Kedarnath
Kedarnath Temple is believed to be 1000 years old and has always been the most visited temples in India by Shiva’s devotees. Lord Shiva is said to be the creator and destroyer of the entire universe. He is who created life can destroy the entire universe in anger with his third eye. In the 2013 flood entire town of Kedarnath was ruined and destroyed but the temple was untouched as a giant rock rolled down and stood behind the temple wall which diverted the water flow and saved the temple. It is the protection of Shiva himself that saved every single stone of Kedarnath and has made this temple immortal.

Legends of Kedarnath

Kedarnath Temple is among one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. The gigantic Kedarnath Peak is standing tall behind the temple. The legend about the formation of this temple leads to the time when Nar and Narayana, the two incarnations of Lord Vishnu were performing acts of austerity, Badrikashraya of Bharat Khand,. A really beautiful Lingam emerged from the earth which they started to worship. That’s how they pleased Lord Shiva with their immense worship and Shiva himself came in front of them and ask for their wishes. Nar and Narayana requested Shiva to always reside in the form of Jyotirlinga in Kedarnath and that’s how this divine temple was formed.

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