Best Tools for Keywords Research to Generate Traffic on Your Blog

Best Tools for Keywords Research to Generate Traffic on Your Blog

Now, let us consider that you have started a new blog and you need to create some traffic on it. But how exactly do you plan to achieve that? It is no easy feat to create traffic for a blog.

Many people start a blog with great enthusiasm but the inability to generate enough traffic causes them to lose interest and motivation, thus calling it quits! Many are left quite helpless due to the lack of reliable guidance for generating traffic on a blog. This especially affects those who are new to managing a blog.

So, if you are new to blogging, fear not! This article is specially created for you. The best way to conquer anything at all involves strategy. When it comes to blogging, the place that we need to focus all of our strategies on is ‘keywords’. Keywords are the ‘key’ to take your blog to the next level.

Using keywords that people commonly search for in your content can help provide better search engine optimization results. And if you are wondering how so; this article is going to help you with ‘keywords’ by detailing 5 best keyword research tools or methods that can help you generate traffic on your blog, using keywords.

Answer the Public

Now, how on earth are you supposed to find search terms that are most commonly searched on the internet? Is there any such tool that can help provide such search terms? The answer is quite simple, we use ‘Answer the public’ is a tool that helps generate a list of search terms based on the particular word that we feed it.

All of the data is obtained from search engines such as Google. So, with this, a blogger can easily plan and choose the topic for his blog content or the keywords to incorporate into it. So, with ‘Answer the public’ get the answers that you need. This is highly preferred by all the pro bloggers.


Another such tool that can help bloggers generate keywords is ‘Ubersuggest’. Ubersuggest is your taxi ride to keywords! With Ubersuggest, you can just as easily find the keywords that you need and it also goes a step higher to give you details. This includes details like the trend for each keyword, search engine optimization difficulty, etc. In other words, you can easily see the volume, competition and seasonal trends about each keyword. With these keywords, users can create content that people search for, as opposed to ones that have poor SEO results.

Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs is a popular service provider concerning boosting search engine optimization results and marketing. This is the best place to find all that you need to run your blog and, better yet, market it. Ahrefs has a tool known as Keywords Explorer that can aid bloggers in discovering amazing keywords, checking out the competition associated with it and calculating the potential traffic. It offers users thousands of keyword suggestions.

Keywords Explorer is available in 171 countries. It generates results from 10 different search engines. The tool uses Clickstream data to redefine search volumes. Keywords Explorer also provides bloggers with keyword metrics and keyword difficulty score.

Site Explorer

Site Explorer is the ‘The SEO Tool’ that you need! Why so? Because Site Explorer helps bloggers find out how your competitors make it in the blogging industry. It gives us an idea of the kind of search words that they use, the organic search traffic and the backlink profile of the particular website.

Ahref’s Site Explorer is a powerful tool that combines three superpowers to guarantee you the best Search Engine Optimization service that money can buy. It contains: organic traffic research, backlink checker, and paid traffic research.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s very own SEO tool for keywords. With Google Keyword Planner, bloggers can conduct keyword research and select the right keyword for their content! What’s more? Google Keyword Planner can help bloggers in the arena of marketing.

Apart from helping select the best keyword for your content, with Google Keyword Planner, bloggers can also get bid estimates for each keyword and also determine the competition for the keywords. So if your blog is a business blog, this is the search engine optimization tool that you seriously need to consider.

With the right search engine optimization strategy, you just might strike gold. But remember that you need to be patient and that it takes time for blogs to gain traffic and become popular; this is a gradual process. Work hard and earnestly, and you just might create one of the best and most popular blogs ever! Stay dedicated and use these best keyword research tools to efficiently generate traffic on your blog.

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