Staying In Style: The Latest Fashion Trends That Will Flatter Every Man’s Taste

We just wrapped up a decade of extravagant styles and we can proudly accept that men are not what they used to be in the affairs of style. They love to experiment and go by the trends. Much like women, they have adapted that sense of style and trends bring confidence and uniqueness. This change of attitude has certainly enhanced the work of menswear designers. From over-the-knee shorts to spring print shirts, many fashion trends find a place on the ramp.

As we begin another decade of style, not just whites and solids, we present the coolest menswear style trends you would love to add to your wardrobe collection in 2020.

Ikat Shirts

Trust the weave and make it seen! Ikat is one of the most subtle yet expressive weaves to don. It’s not just about the season, Ikat weaves are timeless and aesthetically balanced. The colors and patterns are neither too loud and flashy nor too timid. It’s just perfect, be it for office or a party, you can pull off an Ikat shirt in style on every occasion. You must have seen plenty of Ikat weave fabric options in women’s wear but Ikat shirts for men are also taking over the market and styling our men exceptionally well.

Broad Checks & Stripes

Latest Fashion Trend For Men - Check Shirts

For the fashion peeps, checks and stripes are the dynamic tailoring styles which will never leave the market. It doesn’t matter how it is pursued, designers always find a way to make the classics look in-trend for the generation. Only this time, we’re going broad with broad colored stripes and broad checks. With the added contemporary and chic touch, broad checks and stripes are undoubtedly the most timeless trends for spring-summer.

Cropped Trousers

Take it back to the last decade with cropped trousers. This is a flattering style that promotes both luxury and comfort and versatility is the exact reason for it to stay. Take up your classy white shirt, a polo t-shirt or a blazer, this little crop has the power to put a modern twist to anything you wear. With the right changes in your top wear, you can carry the trend all year round. The best part is cropped trouser trend doesn’t bind you to a particular color family. You can go wild and explore the pastels as much as you explore the greys and blues. Pair it with a traditional motif pocket square and you’re golden!

Knee-length Shorts

There’s no spring-summer without the shorts. Achieve the desired casual yet formal feel with the knee-length shorts. It’s a great trend to keep yourself cool in the summer heat. Especially, if you choose a soothing color. Can’t go wrong all summer with fashion trends with shorts!

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