Best Showpieces to Enhance Your Home Decor

Best Showpieces to Enhance Your Home Decor

Showpieces make your home look interesting by giving it a nice touch. They enhance the overall surroundings of the house. We can use many showpieces in our drawing rooms, halls, bedrooms, etc. to make them look appealing and attractive. Besides, many people consider different showpieces as a sign of fortune, good luck, and positive vibes as well.

There are many showpieces online available and you can buy one according to space and your choice. Here are some showpieces you can check out for buying:

1. Elegant Reindeer

Description: This showpiece is very elegant, artistic and light-weight. The metallic finish and dazzling color give an excellent look to this statue. You can buy this stylish looking reindeer combo for your home. Or, you can also use it as a perfect gifting product as reindeer indicate safe travel, strength, and endurance.

Other details:

Dimension 17cm (L) x 8cm (W) x41cm (H)
Color Multicolor
Price Rs. 1000 per pair

2. Coaster set

Description: This coaster set is made from getting art that looks ethnic yet stylish. It comes with a wooden box shape holder and you get 6 coasters along with. Its design signifies women from ancient times which adds to the ethnic appeal. You may add this item to your dining table décor list.

Other details:

Dimension 10cm (L) x 7.5cm (B) x 9cm (H)
Weight 390 grams
Price Rs. 760 per piece

3. Feng shui golden ingot

Description: This item is made from high-quality metal. Feng shui golden ingot signifies wealth, luck, and prosperity. You can keep this beautiful piece of showpiece in your living room for good vibes.

Other details:

Dimensions 5cm (L) x 3cm (B) x 2.5cm (H)
Weight 52 grams
Price Rs. 399 per piece

4. Buddha Showpiece

Description: This Buddha statue is made from a brass metal material that makes it a good quality product. You can place this statue in showcases, wall shelves, and wall corners. This piece will surely attract the attention of the guests. Besides, it will also give a touch of class to your home décor.

Other details:

Dimensions 11cm (L) x 10cm (B) x 17cm (H)
Weight 1340 grams
Price Rs. 1800 per piece

5. Musician figurine set

Description: It is a handcrafted piece of décor made with pure brass metal. This piece is one of the examples of dhokra art and is a fine quality one. The two designs will surely make your living room, as well as bedroom, look prettier. You can place these showpieces on the tabletops.

Other details:

Size 7cm (L) x 7cm (B) x 10cm (H)
Weight 250 grams
Price Rs. 1200 per piece

Buy these showpieces online at the best prices:

There are many such showpieces available online on Exclusivelane.  The site has an attractive and appealing lineup of showpieces that will surely enhance your home décor. You also get home delivery so that you can buy items at your convenience. Besides, customers can also keep track of their order.

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